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Outsourcing your qualtiy assurance has never been easier

Are you concerned about the accuracy of your Agency's diagnosis coding and OASIS data item responses?

It is a requirement that Home Health Agencies adhere to coding and OASIS guidelines. Coding and OASIS inaccuracies can create a significant adverse impact on COMPLIANCE, OUTCOMES, and REIMBURSEMENT. While up-coding can lead to potential compliance/legal issues, down-coding can result in substantial revenue loss. If your agency fails to adhere to OASIS guidelines the end result will be revenue loss and poor quality outcomes.

Enrolling in our Virtual QA program you will be provided with accurate coding and OASIS review services. This can offered as a routine, ongoing service or as a "one-time" service to provide organizations with a snapshot of their coding and OASIS accuracy. Contact Virtual QA today to discuss our review process and learn how we can help you improve both your agency's quality outcomes and reimbursement.

Our OASIS Review Process includes:

  • Review of each OASIS assessment to identify potential discrepancies and to identify appropriate diagnosis codes
    • We believe it is essential to look at the entire OASIS assessment including medications and past certification periods when reviewing the accuracy of OASIS data items rather than comparing only OASIS data items for inconsistencies.
    • We use trained, certified staff (COS-C AND HSC-D) to review the OASIS assessment.
    • We recommend coding service in combination with OASIS review to ensure a more comprehensive, accurate assessment which includes assignment of diagnosis codes. Each service can be utilized individually.
  • Quick review process
    • Services can be provided via fax for agencies that do not use a computer documentation system. For agencies with a computer documentation system we can access the information via your software.
    • We provide results of our review within 24 hours of receipt of your request. (restrictions may be applicable)
    • Once the document has been reviewed your agency will receive a print out including a detailed explanation of discrepancies and the recommended ICD-9 codes.
  • We can also offer feedback on patterns of assessment inaccuracies to improve the quality of future assessments.

  • Pricing:
  • OASIS Coding & Review:$40
  • OASIS Coding Only:$25
  • OASIS Review Only:$25

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QA+ (Currently only for agencies that use Kinnser as their EMR)

Our QA Toolset, QA+, is the most complete product of its kind on the market

OASIS-C2 documentation must be accurate, the reviewer that determines this must be efficient and the means by which this is accomplished must be effective as well as affordable.

For those agencies that do not require outsourcing for OASIS-C2 audits, Virtual QA, LLC has developed QA+ a toolset that can assist your agency's internal QA staff to remain independent with audits of OASIS-C2 documents accurately, efficiently and effectively to produce positive outcomes as well as profit.

QA+ is customized to specific EMR documents. Not only does the QA+ reviewer check M0 questions for inconsistencies, it is able to read the assessment items within a specific EMR assessment to ensure that the assessment items selected by the assessing clinician support the M0 items selected as well as the ICD-9/ICD-10 codes selected. The QA+ reviewer contains hundreds of automatic error finds with automatic error corrections statements as well as pre-written error corrections statements for most errors that can be found by QA staff.

The QA+ reviewer is not only an OASIS-C2 reviewing tool but a teaching tool for quality assurance staff and for the nursing staff receiving the corrections. The corrections are always written and given in the same way with the needed correction, reason for the correction, and location where the error has occurred or locations where the contradictions may have occurred. The QA+ reviewer has hints for each page of the OASIS-C2 to coach and prompt the QA staff as to what he/she should be looking for on each page.

In addition to being a quick and accurate reviewer, it contains many other features such as quick-correct which allows the nurse to make the corrections very quickly. A POC generater which generates the POC based on patient need as opposed to how the visiting nurse might have randomly checked a few boxes, which creates consistency within the workflow as the same assessment answers and diagnosis will result in the same POC orders at all times. As well as many other useful toos for a quicker and more consistent work-flow.

Each subscription allows for unlimited users within your agency which allows for you to distribute to your field nurses as needed so that many of the corrections are already made prior to the QA review.

24-7 support. Your subscription to QA+ comes with free unlimited support to your staff. No automated machines or 3rd country support staff. All your questions will be answered anytime you need by a very knowledgeable representative.

Contact us now for a free trial and demonstration.

Not a Kinnser user, feel free to contact us to inquire about having our system implemented into your EMR.