We make it simple and hassle free to get started. Have an urgent need, we can start today. We can review all your documents or you can hand select what we review. Have special review needs or items you require in your documentation, no problem, we can taylor our reviews to your needs. Pay by the document, this way you are not paying for any wasted time.


We understand the importance of your staff buying into the QA process. All of our return corrections are courteous and well-written so the errors are easily understood to make the corrections quick and simple. Our corrections are written the exact same way every time so your staff can quickly identify the correction requested. We inform your management of common mistakes in your documentation to help educate the staff on proper documentation.


In addition to the M-questions and coding, we review all assessment items so that documentation is consistent and supportive for surveys and ADR's. We also check that best-practices are being followed so that your agencies star rating will recieve high grades. If your staff is not following best practices we work with your managers on ways to improve your processes and documentation to help improve your rating.

QA+. Software designed by QA experts.

Designed for accuracy, compliance and speed. Spend less time on quality assurance and get better results. Empower your staff with our tools. Very affordable at $350 per month.

QA+. Instant QA at the click of a button.

Seemlessly integrates withnin your EMR. No set-up time required. Get started in less than 2 minutes.

Quickly identify all documentation errors and see them side-by-side with the ability to correct them on the fly (great for the documenting nurse).  

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In addition to finding several hundred errors automatically, it allows you to quickly view all relevant assessment data in one central location. It highlights key words in the narrative and comments such as medications and vital signs. Gives you access to several hundred additional pre-written errors so your staff will never have to write out thier own errors again (great for consistency and speed). All errors indicate the pages where the corrections occur for quicker corrections. "Correct" mode allows you to correct the errors during the review process without having to change pages.

In addition to being a reviewer, it has several other tools to perform QA task. Such as it contains hundreds of templates that it will automatically create need-based 485's (based on patient diagnosis and assessment answers). Quickly compare diagnosis codes on Recerts / ROC to the previous OASIS. Pre-fill the first visit in the episode based on the OASIS. View all episode comments in an easy to read report. Plus Much More!

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Outsource to Us. Don't put your documentation at risk.

Instantly upgrade your documentation by outsourcing to QA experts. We stay up to date with Medicare guidelines and best pracitces. Our clients have gone through hundreds of surveys over the years and we pass that knowledge to you.


Get started today and let us handle the hassle of QA for you!

We make the on-boarding process simple. We have a simple contract that requires no long-term comittment. Whether you want to use us as a temporary gap while your staff is on vacation or use us for a permanent solution for your QA needs. If you have been neglecting QA, it has never been easier to improve you documentation. Most documents have a turn-around time of less than 24 hours.

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Pricing Chart
QA+ Software (Per Agenency Per Month) $$350.00
SOC / ROC / Recert $40.00
SN Assessment$25.00
Plan Of Care Creation$7.00
Therapy Evaluations / Re-Evaluations$5.00
Skilled Nurse Notes$3.00
Therapy Notes$3.00
HHA Notes$1.00
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