Outsource your QA to us

Enrolling in our Virtual QA program you will be provided with accurate coding and OASIS review services. This can be offered as a routine, ongoing service or as a "one-time" service to provide organizations with a snapshot of their coding and OASIS accuracy. Contact Virtual QA today to discuss our review process and learn how we can help you improve both your agency's quality outcomes and reimbursement.

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QA+ -- A QA Toolset

For agencies that use Kinnser for their EMR and do not require outsourcing for OASIS-C2 audits, Virtual QA has developed QA+. QA+ is more than a scrubber, it is a toolset that can assist your agency’s internal QA staff to remain independent with audits, review OASIS-C2 documents accurately, efficiently and effectively to produce positive outcomes as well as profit.

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Routine Visit Reviews

For agencies that utilize Kinnser, Axxess, or Cradle, we provide the review of skilled nurse, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy notes for $3.00 per note.