Due to high demand, we are only taking on new clients that use Kinnser or Axxess for their electronic medical record system.

VIRTUAL QA OFFERS CHART AUDITS. VIRTUAL QA OFFERS QUALITY ASSURANCE OF ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS OR CHARTS. VIRTUAL QA OFFERS QUALITY ASSURANCE OF HOME HEALTHCARE CHARTS. VIRTUAL QA OFFERS QUALITY ASSURANCE OF OASIS. VIRTUAL QA OFFERS QUALITY ASSURANCE OF CHARTS. QA OASIS Nurse Home Healthcare LVN RN COSC Quality Assurance Quality-Assurance FORMS VIRTUAL QA WILL BE YOUR OASIS REVIEW CLINICIAN. Forms available for purchase: Case Conference and Summary Form, Oasis Coding Form, Oasis Audit Form, Adverse Event Report, Infection Control Report, Medical error Report, Quality Clinical Record Review, Best Practice/ Outcome Measure Audit Tool Diagnosis Confirmation Form, Notification of Discharge, Adverse Notification of Discharge, Certification Period Calendar


It is essential to the success of your home healthcare agency that your patient assessments and OASIS documentation are accurate to receive the full financial compensation that your agency has earned.

We can alleviate your agencies frustration by having our specialized staff handle your OASIS coding and review, skilled nursing assessment review, along with many other services to help your agency comply with Medicare standards and receive all the money your agency deserves.

Why Choose Us

We are typically cheaper than in-house QA staff, but that is not why you should choose us. Then why would you choose us?

The amount of additional revenue our clients see from increased HHRG's more than pays for our services. Our clients typically go from paying in-house QA staff an amount more than what they pay us, to seeing additional revenue brought into their agency while they are paying us less than their original QA staff.

Estimated Cost of Our Service Versus In-House QA Staff

Excellent Solution For Your Agency

OASIS Review (Click to Expand) Virtual QA has COS-C certified professionals to review your OASIS assessments to ensure that your plan of treatment accurately reflects the patient's condition. We realize the importance of locking the OASIS, dropping the bill and getting an accurate POC for MD signature in a timely manner. We will work with you to improve the process and ensure success.

ICD-9 Coding (Click to Expand) Virtual QA has HCS-D certified professionals who know the importance of proper diagnosis coding and sequencing and work to ensure your agencies Home Health Resource Group (HHRG) is accurate for reimbursement.

Staff Competency Evaluation (Click to Expand) - Our experienced staff members have developed competency tools to evaluate your staff and determine if they are competent in 485/OASIS completion.

Quality Assurance Reviews (Click to Expand) Our experienced staff can review your documentation quarterly to assess how your agency meets the Conditions of Participation as well as State Regulations. Our review also includes Adverse Event and Complaint and Incidence reports. We can present these finding to your QA committee and/or Board of Directors via the internet. Meeting attendance and on-site presentations can also be arranged

Performance Evaluation Audits (Click to Expand) Virtual QA can evaluate all staff members to ensure education is assimilated and documentation is appropriate. We also offer audits geared toward individual staff documentation review over the course of one year that can be incorporated into your annual performance evaluation for that staff member.

ADR (Additional Document Request) Review (Click to Expand) Our experienced staff will review your documentation to determine whether it meets Coverage Determination Criteria for the home care benefit to ensure reimbursement from Medicare

Staff Education (Click to Expand) Virtual QA can customize education to meet the areas in your agency you feel are in need of improvement. Education can be done via online tutorials and testing, webinars, or in person on site demonstrations.

Online Forms

Another service that we offer is providing electronic forms that do not come with your electronic record system. Or if you don't have an electronic system we can make many forms that typically do come with these systems. In addition to providing these forms for you, we can also build electronic tools and build or improve the website for your agency.

Teaching and Narrative KinnserTemplates

We offer over 2,000 templates for Skilled Nurse Note Teaching and Plan of Care Narratives that we can import into your electronic medical record system.

The Skilled Nurse Teachings are designed to keep the notes short but efficient. The Plan of Care Narratives are designed to keep the 485's short but cover everything that needs to be carried out throughout the episode. With the high number of templates, the teachings and narratives will not get repetitive.

Click here to see a short sample.
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